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Posted by takai0826 on December 12, 2011 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (6)

I know I become inactive these fast few months, but here's my little treat for everyone, especially for Filipino fangirls here.

Our  e-shop is now open, and already taking Pre-order of JPOP Goodies.

Visit it now to see our affordable prices.

As of now we're taking orders from Filipino buyers only, but soon we'll be taking overseas orders too.

You want item/s but not on our list? Don't worry, just post a photo on our wall (include the item/s' names on the caption) And we will try our best to look for your item/s.

*Not only JPOP Fan but also a KPOP Fan?  We're the right shop you're looking for. We don't only offer JPop goodies but also Kpop goodies!
**All items will came from Japan and Korea.

Hey! Say! JUMP's 4th Anniversary Letters!!!!!

Posted by 山田彩 on July 30, 2011 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (7)

I thought that members from this site and our Facebook page are able to send a Anniversary letter to Hey! Say! JUMP. You can write a letter with the maximum of 150 words (If you have any specific requests, please contact me). The reason there is a limit, is because I will be translating every single letter from the fans that wish to do it and it would be a little difficult if the letters were 500 words long... hahaha.

I am willing to receive emails (letters that need translating) starting from July 17th and I will stop receiving them at August 17th. So please write whatever you want in your letter and I will hand write them in Japanese and send it off to Hey! Say! JUMP!!!!!!! When you email me, you MUST include: 1) Your name 2) Your age 3) What country you are from

If you are uncomfortable writing your real name/age/country, feel free to write a fake identity.

My email is: sekine_aya_jstorm@yahoo.co.jp

Have fun writing!!

-Aya Sekine


Yuto's Translation of DUET 201107

Posted by Sherry Arioka Chen on July 10, 2011 at 3:00 AM Comments comments (7)

I think it must be a recent thing, the staff compliment me saying, " Yuto, your drumming skills are getting better and better ne!"  Hearing that, I was super happy. So, I chuckled and replied, "Really? I...Have been working hard oh ^^" And then Dai-chan told me, "Oh no...Yuto said I have been working hard oh!''s face...was super impressive ne!" (laugh) Hearing him say that, I was embarrassed and blushed a bright red. I think, hearing Dai-chan say those words, it's actually more impressive then mine. Is this the so called kokoro no rensahannou(T/N In English, we call it 'heart chain reaction')?? (laugh)  Come to think of it, when everyone talks about the things they like, they'll feel throbbing ne. Like...Hikaru-kun...in front of everyone he has his own personal style, sometimes he acts dull to people, but when he's talking to Keito and I about bass, his face will make people moved, thinking "Hikaru-kun's so kawaii ne~~~" that kind of facial expression. 
Things that makes me rejoice...like horse sashimi, drums...and there's so many more!! But what makes me most rejoice, it's probably Japanese desserts. Recently, I ate a azuki mochi(T/N A red bean mochi)  flavored ice cream, it's simply a god class dessert!!  After the ice cream's iciness, there's this QQ kiba(T/N Chewy, squishy. I don't know how to explain. xD)taste from the azuki mochi, and plus that there were soybean powder sprinkled on top~~~~ah...really rejoiced ne!! so Y.U.M.M.Y!!! Don't forget to mention canvas shoes, just seeing it makes me excited, in my room ah, near the ceiling, there's  a special display shelf for canvas shoes. There's approximately eight shoes, just staring at it, I can stare at it  for a long amount of time. 
I think...I am totally dumbstruck toward girls that can play instruments, super cool!! So for me, a scene for my heart to beat fast, is thought up starting from musical instruments ne. (laugh) For example, like...When I'm playing the drums, a girl pop out from nowhere and say "Lend me!!!" And then take away the drum sticks from my hand and start drumming. And then say, "It's this kind of beat right?" While turning around looking at me. Because she's sitting on the chair, and I'm standing, so when she turns around it's probably a frivolous expression ne. Oh~~It'll really make someone's heart flutter la!!?? (laugh) And...If I was playing the drums, and the other person hugs me from behind, ah......just thinking about it, is so moe(T/N Meaning cute, I wanted to type kawaii, but that wouldn't be what Yuto said ne. He said "萌" and I'm totally not changing it)!!! (laugh) 
Hey! This is my first time translating, read through and tell me if there's any mistakes or places you didn't get. 



Ryutaro Caught Smoking

Posted by Lindsey on June 27, 2011 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (9)


I copied and pasted this from Tokyohive

Hey! Say! JUMP member, Morimoto Ryutaro’s (16) smoking photos recently appeared on the latest issue of “Shukan Josei” which was released on June 28th. Because of this, Johnny & Associates made an announcement that Morimoto’s entertainment activities will be suspended indefinitely.

“Shukan Josei” posted the photo of Morimoto smoking which was from back in May of 2010 when Morimoto was just 15 years old. Additionally, other photos of him from January 2010 were also posted which means he was 14 years old at the time of those photos.

According to Johnny & Associates, when they asked Morimoto for an explanation, he admitted that he has smoked several times in the past out of curiosity.

The company made a statement, “Although he is deeply searching his conscience, it is common sense that the law prohibits minors from smoking, and it’s a prohibited act. Taking this fact seriously, we have decided to suspend his entertainment activities indefinitely.”

Hey! Say! JUMP is scheduled to release their new single “OVER” on the 29th, and also many promotional activities are planned, however, the group will have to continue their activities with nine members now.

Hopefully this doesnt cause too much damage, but I believe this is a big deal and therefore I wrote it on the homepage.

Available for Work!

Posted by Lindsey on June 25, 2011 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (7)

I'm just letting you all know that I am available now to translate stuff. Just give me the materials and where they came from, and I'll do my best to translate them within a week. :)


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